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"Make Real Ramen part of your everyday!"

Ramen has been attracting a vast amount of attention in the worldwide restaurant scene as a representative example of Japanese cuisine. Perhaps it's only natural that genuine Ramen is so delicious because it evolved through intense competition into one of the national foods of the Japanese People.

Here is genuine Ramen as we define it. This is our promise to you:

- Flavor: Home-made noodles, soup, and seasoned garlic oil selected with exacting care.
- Serving: Speedy to satisfy busy People
- Price: Affordable enough to enjoy everyday
- Technique & Quality: Comprehensive supervision by a top-class Ramen Chef with 20 years of experience
- Passion: Bringing Japanese-quality Ramen to everyday Filipino experience.

We have spent years working to bring all this to fruition. And in 2015, the time has come for us to offer our Ramen to the People of the Philippines proudly. We will continue to provide genuine Ramen to accelerate the exciting everyday of the People creating the future of the Philippines.

It’s Real ... Ramen Kuroda will always be with you.

Ramen Kuroda Video Clip


Home-made Noodles

We use Chef’s selected flour,mixed properly according to climate and seasons to serve the best noodles.

One and Only Soup

We extract Umami carefully from pork bone into the soup through totally unique multi-process method.

Effort and Passion

We exert ourselves continuously to achieve our mission;

“Japan Quality Ramen always in your daily life”

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